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50-krone banknote, 1997 series

On 11 August 2009 the 50-krone banknote from the 1997 series was replaced by the 50-krone banknote from the 2009 series.

Format 125 mm x 72 mm. Issued on 25. August 2005.

25. August 2005 a more secure 50-krone banknote was issued with a hologram and fluorescent colours which are visible under ultraviolet light. The motifs and format are the same as the previous 50-krone banknote issued on 7. May 1999.

Hologram and fluorescent colours
The metallic hologram on the face of the banknote alternately shows the figure 50, the Roman numeral L and a flower. Fluorescent colours, which are visible under ultraviolet light, are used on both sides of the banknote. On the face, a centaur becomes visible under ultraviolet light, and on the reverse the green colour shines, particularly in the ring on the right-hand side of the banknote.

50-krone banknote with hologram and fluorescent colours
Format 125 mm x 72 mm. Issued on 7. May 1999.

The portrait of Karen Blixen
The face of the banknote bears a portrait of the writer Karen Blixen (17 April 1885 – 7 September 1962). She is acclaimed for e.g. Seven Gothic Tales (1935) and her memoirs Out of Africa (1937). The face of the banknote is also decorated with flowers, of which Karen Blixen was very fond.

Picture of Karen Blixen

The centaur on the reverse
The motif on the reverse of the 50-krone banknote is inspired by a stone relief from Landet Church on the island of Tåsinge.
Picture of the stone relief of the Kentaur

The banknote says "femti"
The 50-krone banknote bears the word "femti", not "halvtreds" which is the usual Danish word for "fifty". Femti is a numeral used on cheques and giro payment orders. Danmarks Nationalbank first used it on the 50-krone banknote issued in 1957, and the present banknote is thus the third to bear this word.

Last update: 05/25/2012

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