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500-krone banknote, 1997 series

15 February 2011 the 500-krone banknote from the 1997 series was replaced by the 500-krone banknote from the 2009 series.

Format 155 mm x 72 mm. Issued on 24 September 2003. The 500-krone banknote, series 1997 was issued with a hologram and fluorescent colours. The motifs and format are the same as the previous 500-krone banknote issued on 12 September 1997.

The hologram gives movement to the banknote
The hologram is an important security feature because it enables the recipient to verify the authenticity of a banknote quickly. It cannot be colour copied.

When the banknote is tilted various motifs appear: The number 500, an atom and the Roman numeral "D". When the note is tilted the "D" grows larger.

Fluorescent colours – invisible in daylight
There are fluorescent colours on the face and reverse of the banknote. An invisible knight in armour on the face of the banknote shine under ultraviolet light. The orange print on the reverse shine under ultraviolet light. The invisible motifs and colours are printed together with the portrait and other motifs.

The previous 500-krone banknote issued on 12 September 1997 (format 155 mm x 72 mm ):
500-krone banknote issued on 12 September 1997

The portrait of Niels Bohr
Photo of Niels Bohr

The face of the banknote bears a portrait of Niels Bohr (7 October 1885 – 18 November 1962). Niels Bohr contributed significantly to science and had a major influence on the development of modern nuclear physics. Niels Bohr received a great many distinguished awards including the Nobel Prize for physics in 1922, and he is one of the few non-royal Danes to have received the Order of the Elephant, the highest Danish order (1947). The face of the banknote also features vignettes formed as the yin-and-yang symbol, which can also be found on Niels Bohr's coat of arms in the Church of Frederiksborg Castle.

Knight in armour and dragon on the reverse

A stone relief of a knight in armour and a dragon from the font at Lihme Church in northern Jutland decorates the reverse of the 500-krone banknote.

Last update: 05/25/2012

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