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Danish banknotes 1997 series






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Danish banknotes 1997 series

24 May 2011 the 1,000-krone banknote was issued as the fifth and final banknote in the Danish banknote 2009 series that replaced the former 1997 series.

Link to Denmark's banknote 1997 series

The 1997 series of banknotes was introduced over a period of two years, from 1997 to 1999. In the years 2002 to 2005 the banknote series was upgraded with two new security features - a hologram and fluorescent colours. In 2006, Danmarks Nationalbank initiated the process to design a new Danish banknote series to replace the existing series.The key motif on the face of each banknote is a portrait of an individual who made a significant contribution to Danish art or science. The motifs on the reverse of the banknotes are inspired by stone reliefs from Danish churches dating from just after the introduction of Christianity.

Tradition and innovation
The banknote series is of a contemporary design that is nonetheless firmly rooted in Danish banknote tradition. This is to ensure that the holder will instantly recognise the notes as banknotes. True to tradition, the portrait on the face of each banknote is an important element.

Banknotes of the same height
All banknotes in the series are of the same height, but with a difference in length of 10 mm between each denomination. The fact that they are all of the same height facilitates machine counting and sorting. At the same time, the variations in length make it possible for the blind and the sight-impaired to distinguish each denomination.

Banknotes issued after 1945 can be exchanged
All banknotes issued after 1945 are exchanged at face value by Danmarks Nationalbank.

Last update: 05/25/2012

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