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Rounding rules

The rounding rules as from 1 October 2008, where rounding to the nearest amount divisible by 50-øre take effect.

With the abolition of the 25-øre coin, new rounding rules apply. As from 1 October 2008, amounts are to be rounded to the nearest amount divisible by 50-øre. Consequently, amounts ending in .01 to .24 are to be rounded down to the nearest whole krone. Amounts ending in .25 to .74 are to be rounded to .50, and finally amounts ending in .75 to .99 are to be rounded up to the nearest whole krone.

The rounding rules apply to cash payments only. Payments using the Dankort or another debit card should be for the exact amount, i.e. without any rounding. The latter also applies in connection with electronic payments, e.g. via the Internet.

Rounding of amounts in øre.  Applies to cash payments from 1 October 2008

Last update: 03/19/2014

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