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The previous Faroese banknote series

Earlier, the motifs chosen for the banknotes have not had a common theme. Symbols from Faroese history and business, and portraits of well-known Faroese personalities, have been depicted on the face of the last series of banknotes.

The first Faroese banknote series
In 1951, the first Faroese banknote – a 5-krone banknote – was issued. It was followed by a 10-krone banknote (1954), 100-krone banknote (1964) and 50-krone banknote (1967). The motif on the face of the 5- and 10-krone banknotes is a ram, while Nólsoyar Páll and V.U. Hammershaimb are the main motif on respectively the 50- and 100-krone banknotes. The motifs on the reverse are inspired by Faroese landscapes drawn by the artists Janus Kamban and Ingálvur av Reyni.

The second Faroese banknote series
From 1978 the 10-, 50- and 100-krone banknotes were issued with unchanged motifs, but in a new format. This was due to a change in the format of the Danish banknote series. The three banknotes were supplemented with three new denominations: a 20-krone banknote (1987), a 500-krone banknote (1980) and a 1,000-krone banknote (1980). The main motif on the 20-krone banknote is a Faroese shepherd, while the reverse shows a sheep with two lambs. On the 500-krone banknote, the main motif is a Faroese fisherman, and the motif on the reverse is a scene from a fishing trawler. The poet J.H.O. Djurhuus is the main motif on the 1,000-krone banknote, while his childhood home is depicted on the reverse. Ingálvur av Reyni was in charge of the artistic design of all three denominations.

The 10- and 20-krone banknotes were replaced by coins in respectively 1980 and 1990. The same coins are used on the Faroe Islands as in the rest of Denmark.

The third Faroese bank series
In the period 2001-2005 was the third Faroese bank series issued. The motifs are inspired by Faroese landscapes and fauna.

10 kroner issued 24. February 1978 picturing a farm
20 kroner issued 2. January 1987 picturing a shepherd and a sheep with two lambs
50 kroner issued 15. November 1982 picturing Nölsoyar Pàll and Nólsoy village
100 kroner issued 30. October 1980 picturing V.U. Hammershaimb and the ruins in Kirkjubøur
500 kroner issued 22. October 1980 picturing af fisherman and a trawler
1000 kroner issued 22. October 1980 picturing J.H.O. Djurhuus and his childhood home in Tórshavn

Last update: 03/14/2012

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