Danmarks Nationalbank invites interested researchers to attend its conferences and workshops.

For additional information please contact research@nationalbanken.dk.

The CopenhagenMacro calendar lists conferences and workshops held at research institutions in the Copenhagen area.

Upcoming events and calls for paper submission

26 September 2017  Workshop: "Microdata and Macroeconomics"

5-6 October 2017  Conference: Danmarks Nationalbank - Deutsche Bundesbank - Norges Bank: Heterogeneity in Firms, Households and Financial intermediaries: New Developments in Business Cycle Analysis


Past events

Conference: CBS - Danmarks Nationalbank - Bruegel Conference: Fiscal Frameworks in Europe: Background and Perspectives, 1-2 June 2017

Systemic Risk Board Conference “Macroprudential Instruments Targeted at the Real Estate Market”, 18 November 2016

Workshop: "House price bubbles - how to detect, predict and prevent them?", 20 September 2016

Workshop: "The Financial Sector and the Macro Economy", 29 September 2015

Workshop: "Household debt – a challenge for the future?", 24 September 2014

Conference: "The European Sovereign Debt Crisis: Background and Perspectives", April 13-14 2012