Danmarks Nationalbank invites interested researchers to attend its conferences and workshops.

The CopenhagenMacro calendar lists conferences and workshops held at research institutions in the Copenhagen area.

Upcoming events and calls for paper submission

27-28 September 2018 Conference: Danmarks Nationalbank - Deutsche Bundesbank - Norges Bank : New Developments in Business Cycle Analysis

Past events

5-6 October 2017  Conference: Danmarks Nationalbank - Deutsche Bundesbank - Norges Bank: Heterogeneity in Firms, Households and Financial intermediaries: New Developments in Business Cycle Analysis


​26 September 2017  Workshop: "Microdata and Macroeconomics"

1-2 June 2017 Conference: CBS - Danmarks Nationalbank - Bruegel Conference: Fiscal Frameworks in Europe: Background and Perspectives

18 November 2016 Systemic Risk Board Conference “Macroprudential Instruments Targeted at the Real Estate Market”

Workshop: "House price bubbles - how to detect, predict and prevent them?", 20 September 2016

Workshop: "The Financial Sector and the Macro Economy", 29 September 2015

Workshop: "Household debt – a challenge for the future?", 24 September 2014

Conference: "The European Sovereign Debt Crisis: Background and Perspectives", April 13-14 2012


For additional information please contact research@nationalbanken.dk.