​Danmarks Nationalbank’s departments run scheduled seminar series throughout the year at the building in Havnegade 5, Copenhagen. Attendance is by invitation only.

9 May 2017: Daniel Daianu (National Bank of Romania): "The New Trade Protectionism"

5 May 2017: Omri Ross (Unversity of Copenhagen): "Blockchains"

12 January 2017: Thomas Pihl Gade (IMF's Nordic-Baltic Office): "The IMF in the International Monetary System and a more Polarized World"

19 December 2016: Thomas Kromand Danielsen (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Potential Output in Denmark – Revised"

16 December 2016: Christian Sinding Bentzen (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Spill-Over Effects from the Housing Market in Copenhagen on the Province"

15 November 2016: Immo Schott (Universite de Montreal): "The employment and productivity effects of short-time work in Germany"

11 November 2016: Georg Ring (Copenhagen Business School): "The irrelevance of Brexit for the European Financial Market"

31 October 2016: Stefan Ingves (Sveriges Riksbank): "Current Discussions on the Basel Framework and Challenges Ahead"

28 October 2016: Graeme Stuart Cokayne (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Incorporating Information into Beliefs on Networks"

10 October 2016: Markus Brunnermeier (Princeton University): “The reversal interest rate: the effective lower bound of monetary policy"

10 October 2016: Jonas Sørensen and Morten Spange (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Effects of inventions in the currency market"

12 September 2016: Peter Lihn Jørgensen (Danmarks Nationalbank): "The American house bubble with alternative formation of expectations"

1 September 2016: Vitor Gaspar (IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department): "Global Fiscal Developments and tax capacity"

29 August 2016: Jesper Pedersen (Danmarks Nationalbank): "What are the effects of changes in taxation and new types of mortgages on the real economy? - The case of Denmark during the 00's"

15 August 2016: Goutham Jørgen Surendran and Rasmus Bisgaard (University of Copenhagen): "Fiscal policy in a DSGE model"

10 June 2016: Lasse Holboell Nielsen (Goldman Sachs): "ECB policy shocks Euro satellites – 'Fear of floating'"

6 June 2016: Kim Abildgren and Andreas Kuchler (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Consumer confidence and house bubbles"

23 May 2016: Nicolas Véron (Bruegel): "Europe's Newborn Banking Union: Achievements, Challenges & Prospects"

9 May 2016: Anders Kronborg (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Modeling nonlinear dynamics in macroeconomics"

12 April 2016: Tjörvi Olafsson (Sedlabanki): "Financial Cycles in Iceland"

11 April 2016: Søren Hove Ravn (University of Copenhagen): "Deepening Contractions and Collateral Constraint"

14 March 2016: Robert Aliber (University of Chicago): "The case for flexible exchange rates is intellectually bankrupt"

1 February 2016: Svend Greniman Andersen (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Offshoring, innovation and wages in the global economy"

18 January 2016: Mark Strøm Kristoffersen (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Market liquidity and market making in the bond market"

7 December 2015: Claes Bäckman (Copenhagen Business School): "The Consequences of Interest Only Loans for the Housing Boom and Bust"

5 October 2015: Gregory Chin (York University): "Chinese monetary policy and internationalization of the renminbi"

1 October 2015: Lasse Heje Pedersen (Copenhagen Business School)

28 September 2015: Peter Nellemann (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Global value chains"

14 September 2015: Casper Nordal Jørgensen (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Expenditure switching and welfare effects"

31 August 2015: Kim Abildgren (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Money market before, under and after the crisis"

17 August 2015: Mark Strøm Kristoffersen (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Analysis of wage flexibility, geographic mobility and the unemployment benefit system"

13 August 2015: Andreas Orebo Hansen and Frederik Sandager Rasmussen (University of Copenhagen): "How intense is the competition among banks, and how does it affect the financial stability?"

22 July 2015: Ib Hansen (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Connection the MONA model and banks’ stress testing"

8 June 2015: Morten Hedegaard Rasmussen (OECD): "Countries real economic resilience"

28 May 2015: Søren Autrup (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Monetary policy in the ECB"

11 May 2015: Andreas Kuchler (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Firms debt and investments during the crisis"

11 May 2015: Yu Yongding (China Society of World Economy): "China's Slow-Growth Opportunity"

27 April 2015: Simon Juul Hviid (Aarhus University): "Explosive bubbles in house prices? Evidence from the OECD countries"

13 April 2015: Torben Heien Nielsen (University of Copenhagen): "Active vs. Passive Decisions and Crowd-Out in Retirement Savings: Evidence from Denmark"

9 April 2015: Signe Krogstrup (Swiss National Bank): "Monetary policy with negative interest rates"

7 April 2015: Jens Søndergaard (Capital Group): "Global financial cycles: All together now?"

16 March 2015: Marcus Mølbak Ingholt (University of Copenhagen): "A DSGE Model with a Housing Market and Unemployment"

16 March 2015: Mette Escherich Østergaard (Aarhus University): "Risk to the macroeconomic stability – adjustable rates and deferred amortization"

2 March 2015: Jesper Pedersen (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Long stagnation"

2 February 2015: Henrik Yde Andersen (Danmarks Nationalbank): "Saving behavior and fiscal deduction for pension savings – an empirical research of the ceiling over pension annuity payment"

2 February 2015: Anne Ulstrup (Danmarks Nationalbank): "the Keynesian multiplier in a CGE-model – modelling of a CGE-model with nominal and real frictions"

19 January 2015: Sabine Lautenschläger (ECB & SSM): "Single Supervisory Mechanism – its establishment and the way forward"