Analytically strong macroeconomist

Do you have the analytical capacity to help solve challenges relating to Denmark's economy and fixed exchange rate policy? Do you want to develop in the company of some of Denmark's best economists?

Creating value for Denmark
Your main task will be to analyse monetary and foreign exchange policy and monetary and financial issues in Denmark and abroad. Our department contributes to solving challenges in relation to the fixed exchange rate policy, and we communicate analyses and decisions in publications and presentations, e.g. in connection with press conferences. You will soon be given responsibility for your own analyses and presentations.
There will be tasks with short deadlines, but also larger analyses that you will be working on for some time. We expect you to be up to date on international monetary and macroeconomic theory and empirical evidence. Organisationally, you will be placed in Monetary Policy and International Relations (which is part of the Economics and Monetary Policy department).

The tasks we are here to solve are complex and challenging and require a high professional standard. We have one of Denmark's strongest macroeconomic environments. Together, we perform in-depth analyses of macroeconomic, monetary and financial issues.

Enhance the value of your knowledge
With us, you will be offered development opportunities and tasks that you will not find elsewhere. We convert knowledge into value to the advantage of the Danish society. As an employee, you will be using your skills and broadening your knowledge base. We are focused on your development, e.g. via an ongoing dialogue and individual guidance. The results will benefit us all. Our objective is to ensure that Denmark has a robust economy.

Bring your initiative, your ambitions and your strong background within economics
Your knowledge makes all the difference. That is why we set the bar high. You have a strong professional background with a Master's degree or a PhD in monetary economics, macroeconomics or financing. You have a well-equipped toolbox of quantitative methods and your written and oral communication is clear and concise both in Danish and in English.
You succeed in your job because you have ambitions within your field, come up with good ideas and base your choices on these ideas. Your knowledge is valuable for your colleagues and external stakeholders. You also have the ability to work with others so that we can include all important aspects in our analyses. We keep up a close dialogue with our colleagues at other central banks and in international organisations and the chances of international secondment are good.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Steen Ejerskov, head of Monetary Policy and International Relations, on tel. (+45) 3363 6585 or by email to

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