Kronos2 is a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS) and a system for handling the monetary policy instruments (GCSD). The system is owned by Danmarks Nationalbank.

​Danmarks Nationalbank will replace the existing customer-oriented systems in the central bank area with Kronos2, which will affect a large part of the financial sector. 

A standard RTGS system has been chosen, with the highest possible degree of standard implementation. The system selected is Perago, which is also used in Sweden and Norway, among other countries. However, the system will be customised to support special Danish areas, such as the automatic collateralisation arrangement and the Straksclearing. Kronos2 comprises two systems, Perago and Calypso, where the latter will process account holders' pledging of securities.

This site will be updated with information about Kronos2 continuously.

Updated 31 March 2017: Nationalbanken has decided that the Kronos2 go-live will not take place until after the summer holiday. Nationalbanken will provide a new update in May 2017.

Updated 30 May 2017: Kronos2 will not go live in 2017. Nationalbanken will provide a new update in October 2017.

Updated 13 October 2017: The Kronos2 Go-live is planned for the weekend 3-4 March 2018 with the first banking day in Kronos2 Monday 5 March 2018.

Updated 14. December 2017: Kronos2 will not go live in March 2018. Danmarks Nationalbank will provide a new update.

Update 6 April 2018: In consultation with the financial sector, Danmarks Nationalbank has decided that Kronos2 will go live on 20 August 2018.