Banknote and coin exhibition

In August 2012 a permanent coin exhibition opened in Danmarks Nationalbank's lobby. The exhibition is a beautiful and inviting set up of Danish coins produced from 1818 - the year that Nationalbanken i Kjøbenhavn (the Nationalbank in Copenhagen) was established.
​In the corridor between the lobby and the banking hall there is an exhibition displaying Danish banknotes all the way back to the issuance of the very first Danish banknote in 1713 to the banknotes from the current banknote series (2009). Faroese banknotes are also on display - from the first banknote issued in 1951 to the current upgraded 2012-series. 
The exhibition is open for the public during the opening hours of Danmarks Nationalbank, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.