Liquidity adjusting instruments

The liquidity-adjusting instruments comprise FX swaps and lending and deposits in Danish kroner against collateral in foreign exchange or assets included in Danmarks Nationalbank's ordinary collateral basis. Liquidity-adjusting instruments are supplemental to Danmarks Nationalbank's ordinary open market operations (purchase and sale of certificates of deposit and collateralised lending). In connection with liquidity-adjusting operations krone liquidity can be allocated or absorbed by auction or by bilateral transactions. The operations can be conducted with all monetary-policy counterparties or with a smaller group of counterparties.

Details of scheduled and incurred operations will be shown below.


​Date​Instrument​Type​Value date​Maturing​Maturity​Min. price/rate​Amount​Details
​16/1 2014​Lending​Auction​16/1 2014​30/1 2014​14 days​0.02%​7,500 mio. DKK​PDF
​16/2 2014​Lending​Auction​16/2 2014​16/3 2014​28 days