Seasonal adjustment of Danish financial time series using the X-12-ARIMA procedure

Working paper no 44, 2006

Authors Fæste, Charlotte Franck; Pedersen, Mette Kramer
Subject Danish Economy; Statistics; Statistical method
Type Working paper
Year 2006
Published 8 December 2006
Danmarks Nationalbank has in November 2006 started to publish five seasonally adjusted financial time series. The series chosen for seasonal adjustment are monthly series for currency in circulation, the money stock measures M1 and M2 and the MFI sector's lending to households and to non-financial corporations. The purpose of this working paper is to present and document the applied adjustment procedures. The paper is structured as a detailed guide to theoretical considerations and to the practical implementation. The models and the seasonally adjusted data will be subject to annual revisions in accordance with the general revision policy as defined by Statistics.