Survey design, survey maintenance and grossing up in the IIP and balance ..

Working paper no 50, 2008

Authors Valgreen, Kåre Soegaard
Subject Danish Economy; Balance of payments
Type Working paper
Year 2008
Published 11 February 2008
Balance of payments systems all over the world can roughly be cate-gorised in two – settlement-based systems and survey-based sys-tems such as the Danish. This paper deals with the selection of the Danish survey and the grossing-up estimation. Focus, however, is on the Danish methods of survey maintenance over the medium term insuring both high total survey coverage and broad coverage in terms of instruments and sectors. Many countries with survey-based sys-tems confront similar challenges and the working paper can hopefully be of inspiration and generate discussion.In the Danish system equity, intercompany debt, etc., loans and de-posits, other investments, trade credits and financial derivatives are survey-covered for the sectors non-financial corporations, other fi-nancial intermediaries and insurance and pension funds. Using a dy-namic register on financial account data and simple statistical meth-ods the survey coverage on equity is maintained and the grossing-up is dynamically re-estimated. For intercompany debt, etc., loans and deposits, and other investments a method has been developed to maintain coverage over time while grossing-up is assumed constant. Trade credit coverage and grossing-up is maintained by a very sim-ple method using foreign trade statistics. Derivatives and financial leasing are assumed covered by the survey.