Danish Government Borrowing and Debt 2016

Report - January 2017 - No. 1

Authors Danmarks Nationalbank
Subject Danish Government Borrowing and Debt; Central-government debt; Danish Economy
Type Report
Year 2016
Published 31 January 2017
Denmark's central government debt amounted to 23 per cent of GDP at the end of 2016. The debt thus remained low, and Denmark retained the highest possible credit rating with a stable outlook. The central government's financing requirement was met at record-low yields in 2016. The central government issued nominal bonds at an average yield to maturity of 0.1 per cent and an average maturity of 7 years. Demand for Danish government bonds in the auctions was high. In line with the strategy, government bonds totalling kr. 63 billion were issued via auctions and tap sales. The central government played an active role in the secondary market to support liquidity in the Danish government bond market, which improved compared with 2015.