Dankort Assessment

Report - May 2017 - No. 4

Authors Danmarks Nationalbank
Subject Dankort debit card; Oversight; Financial stability; Payments systems
Type Report
Year 2017
Published 17 May 2017
Danmarks Nationalbank has assessed Dankort, which is owned by Nets A/S, against the standards for card payment schemes established by the European Central Bank, ECB. Dankort's performance is stable with a high degree of availability, and Dankort fraud is low by international comparison. Danmarks Nationalbank's assessment contains recommendations to Nets A/S about, inter alia, more systematic knowledge management in relation to Dankort. Other recommendations concern expansion of Dankort-related risk analyses and strengthening the framework for decision-making and communication. Danmarks Nationalbank oversees the payment and settlement systems in Denmark in order to promote safe and efficient settlement of payments, securities trades, etc. Dankort is one of the solutions subject to this oversight.