In 2016, Danmarks Nationalbank established a new, independent Research Unit, to support the policy decisions of Danmarks Nationalbank by providing a conceptual framework to assess policy-making challenges, and economic models and tools to analyse the economy. Economists in the Research Unit are expected to produce high-quality research to be published in refereed journals and to participate in the international academic and central banking debate. The Research Unit runs the Danmarks Nationalbank PhD Program, and is part of the Economics and Monetary Policy Department. Economists throughout all core departments at Danmarks Nationalbank conduct research in a wide variety of areas in Macroeconomics and Finance.

The Economists: The Research Unit has been lead until 2022 by Federico Ravenna, who has now taken the role of Chief Policy Adviser. Renato Faccini is acting as the Interim Head of Research since April 2022. A full list of economists currently engaged in research at Danmarks Nationalbank is available here.

The CopenhagenMacro Network: Danmarks Nationalbank hosts the CopenhagenMacro network of economists. The CopenhagenMacro calendar lists research events held at institutions in the Copenhagen area.

Ph.D. Student Program: If you would like to know more or apply, additional information is available here.

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Nyheder fra Forskningsafdelingen

15. februar 2021
Datasæt: Climate Risk Factors from "Are Climate Change Risks Priced in the U.S. Stock Market?", Faccini, Matin and Skiadopoulos. Danmarks Nationalbank Working Paper, February 2021, No. 169