Tidligere konferencer

Nationalbankens forskningsenhed har organiseret en række konferencer. Her finder du en komplet liste over tidligere konferencer.


26-27 September 2022: The Return of Inflation. Conference hosted by Danmarks Nationalbank, Deutsche Bundesbank and Norges Bank in Oslo, Norway

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20 May 2022: Empirical Banking Workshop, Danmarks Nationalbank

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13-14 December 2021: Stabilization policies: Lessons from the COVID-19 crisis and prospects for future policy strategies. Online conference hosted by Danmarks Nationalbank, Deutsche Bundesbank and Norges Bank

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18-19 November 2021: ESCB Research Cluster 2 conference. Danmarks Nationalbank, virtual event.

7-8 October 2021: CopenhagenMacro Days 2021. Danmarks Nationalbank and the University of Copenhagen.

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3 March 2021: Government Debt and Fiscal Policy after COVID-19: Global Challenges

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9 December 2020: Climate Change, Pandemics, Monetary Policy: New Approaches in Crisis Time. Danmarks Nationalbank, Deutsche Bundesbank and Norges Bank.

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14-16 September 2020: CopenhagenMacro Days 2020. Danmarks Nationalbank and the University of Copenhagen.

20-21 August 2020: Danmarks Nationalbank - International Journal of Central Banking: Structural changes in the financial system: New theory and evidence

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24 October 2019: Danmarks Nationalbank: Conference on the use of the Credit Register for Financial Stability Purposes

10 October 2019: Workshop: Danmarks Nationalbank: Macroeconomic policy analyses with big data

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16-17 September 2019: Danmarks Nationalbank - Deutsche Bundesbank - Norges Bank: The Changing Economy and the Business Cycle: New theory and evidence

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6-7 June 2019: Conference: Federal Reserve and Nordic Central Banks: Policy Research Meeting on Monetary Policy, Financial Markets & Institutions

27-28 May 2019: Conference: CopenhagenMacro Days

23-24 May 2019: Conference organized by University of Copenhagen: 20th annual Nordic International Trade Seminar, with financial support from Danmarks Nationalbank


19 November 2018: Conference: Danmarks Nationalbank, Financial Stability - IMF - FRIC:
Macroprudential Policy Conference

8 November 2018: Danmarks Nationalbank: "Workshop on monetary and macroeconomic stability - how can we learn from the past?"

27-28 September 2018: Conference: Danmarks Nationalbank - Deutsche Bundesbank - Norges Bank : Heterogeneous households, firms and financial intermediaries: New theory and evidence

7-8 September 2018: Danmarks Nationalbank 200th Anniversary Conference

Opening remarks by Governor Lars Rohde

Opening remarks by General Manager of BIS, Agustín Carstens

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9-12 August 2018 : 12th Nordic Summer Symposium in Macroeconomics sponsored by Riksbank and Danmarks Nationalbank


5-6 October 2017:  Conference: Danmarks Nationalbank - Deutsche Bundesbank - Norges Bank: Heterogeneity in Firms, Households and Financial intermediaries: New Developments in Business Cycle Analysis

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​26 September 2017:  Workshop: "Microdata and Macroeconomics"

1-2 June 2017: Conference: CBS - Danmarks Nationalbank - Bruegel Conference: Fiscal Frameworks in Europe: Background and Perspectives


18 November 2016: Systemic Risk Board Conference “Macroprudential Instruments Targeted at the Real Estate Market”

20 September 2016: Workshop: "House price bubbles - how to detect, predict and prevent them?"


29 September 2015: Workshop: "The Financial Sector and the Macro Economy"


24 September 2014: Workshop: "Household debt – a challenge for the future?"


April 13-14 2012: Conference: "The European Sovereign Debt Crisis: Background and Perspectives"