Økonomer i Danmarks Nationalbank

Authors of Working Papers and Refereed Publications

Abildgren, Kim

Adolfsen, Jakob Feveile

Andersen, Henrik Yde

Andersen, Svend Greniman

Carlsen, Maria

Cokayne, Grame Stuart

Ejsing, Jacob Wellendorph

Hviid, Simon Juul

Jensen, Thais Lærkholm

Korsgaard, Søren

Kuchler, Andreas

Matin, Rastin

Martinello, Alessandro

Mikkelsen, Jakob Guldbæk

Mirone, Giorgio

Nielsen, Søren Truels

Pedersen, Jesper

Rommer, Anne  Dyrberg

Sangill, Thomas

Spange, Morten

Authors of Danmarks Nationalbank's Publications

Andersen, Nicolai Møller

Gladov, Tommy Meng

Hvolbøl, Tina Saaby​

Jørgensen, Casper Winther Nguyen

Kramp, Paul Lassenius

Mortensen, Anne Ulstrup

Nilsson, Thomas Christian

Oksbjerg, Martin

Rasmussen, Katrine Skjærbæk

Risbjerg, Lars

Specialized Research teams

Data Analytics and Science

The Data Analytics and Science section explores new technologies, including machine learning, which may support data analysis in the bank. Furthermore, the section analyses business needs related to data analysis in the bank and facilitates competence development related to analytical work. The section is led by Thais Lærkholm Jensen, assisted by Alessandro Martinello

Quant group

The quant group is a forum for financial modelling involving economists and financial experts  from across several Danmarks Nationalbank’s departments. The group's main focus is on applied work supporting analysis and decision making in the areas of asset and debt management, monetary policy and financial stability. The Quant group is led by Jacob Wellendorph Ejsing.

Modelling team

MONA is a quarterly macroeconometric model of the Danish economy estimated using quarterly data starting in 1971. It is demand-driven in the short run and supply-driven in the long run. The model is used as a tool for making economic projections and for assessing the impact of changes in the drivers of the business cycle. Members of the Modelling team are Jesper Pedersen and Morten Werner