Financial economist to work with monetary policy

Abstract icon Are you keen to work with analysis of financial markets and monetary policy? Then this job in the department of Economics and Monetary Policy may be for you.

The job

Danmarks Nationalbank is looking for a new colleague for a unique position in the section for monetary and macro-financial analysis in the department for Economics and Monetary Policy. Here, you will work with analysing the Danish fixed exchange rate policy, monetary policy, and financial and macro-financial developments.

As part of a team of six working in a field where economic and financial developments frequently change the agenda, your tasks vary and may include:

  • Conducting analyses of money markets, fixed income markets, equity markets and derivatives.

  • Analysing capital flows and financial market participant behaviour to monitor the FX market developments and analysing the implementation of the fixed exchange rate regime.

  • Assessing the transmission of the monetary policy to financial markets and the effect on the broader economy.

  • Following developments within theoretical and applied monetary policy, including technological innovation such as digital currencies.

Many of the above tasks contribute to the decision-making process in respect of our monetary policy and Danmarks Nationalbank’s policy recommendations to the domestic economic policy. A key element in the work of the section is the preparation of the Monetary and Financial Trends analysis published two times per year.

We work closely and informally as a team in an environment that is welcoming to different opinions and backgrounds. We also work in close collaboration with colleagues from other departments and are on a journey to increase the outreach to the financial sector and to peers in other central banks. For example, we host an informal event for external financial economists following the publication of the Monetary and Financial Trends, we have regular dialogues with colleagues from the other Nordic central banks and a history of employees working abroad at, e.g., the European Central Bank as part of their career development.   

Your profile

You have an educational and professional background within the fields of finance, economics or a quantitative sciences, combined with a keen interest in or experience with economics and finance.

You have an eye for spotting important developments, you are curious by nature and thrive with jumping into new and changing tasks. You are a team-oriented person and like to share your knowledge with your colleagues and learn from them.   

Your portfolio of tasks will be put together according to your qualifications and experience. If you just graduated from university, you have the option to join our Economist programme (link, in Danish only).

We are currently only Danish speakers in the section, but are ready to welcome you and switch to English. Over time, you are expected to learn Danish. We have many non-Danish-speaking colleagues in the Economics and Monetary Policy department, and the working language of the department is English.   

Working at the bank 

Our working hours are spent divided between an open-plan office on Langelinie Allé with harbour-front views and the option to work from home up to two days a week depending on your function and tasks. We want to support a working culture that creates the best possible framework for working efficiently while ensuring flexibility and a healthy balance between your private life and working life.  

It is important for us that there is a high degree of job satisfaction at our workplace. We have a strong professional environment with welcoming colleagues who take the time to share what they know. 

We attach considerable priority to learning and continuously developing our skills and competences. We offer attractive health and dental insurance, work-from-home equipment, free parking and a good lunch scheme. 

Social activities for bank employees also have a high priority. You can, for example, join our staff association, which offers a running club, yoga groups, floorball and the opportunity to share your interest in art with colleagues. 

Want to know more? 

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact HR partner Lone Stehr Benjaminsen (tel. +45 2171 7525 or email 


We have made it easy to apply for the position. Simply upload your CV or your LinkedIn profile. In addition, you can briefly describe your motivation for applying for the position in a text field when you apply. The application deadline is 5 December 2022.

We expect to conduct two rounds of interviews. Between the first and second interviews, you will be asked to complete a personality test

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