Secretariat and Communications

In the Secretariat and Communications department, we work to bring Danmarks Nationalbank’s professional knowledge more into play in society – through communication and in collaboration with our colleagues in the bank. We strengthen Danmarks Nationalbank’s influence, so that decision-makers, citizens and other stakeholders feel as well informed as possible based on Danmarks Nationalbank’s advice and recommendations.

Examples of specific tasks performed by Secretariat and Communications:

  • We handle Danmarks Nationalbank’s external communication, including media monitoring, press releases, press conferences and media relations, editing of social media, replies to enquiries from citizens and lectures in upper secondary schools. We also maintain and develop Danmarks Nationalbank’s many communication channels, including our website, intranet etc.

  • We coordinate Danmarks Nationalbank’s many publications such as analyses, reports etc. and assist our colleagues in Danmarks Nationalbank’s other departments with communication advice, language improvements, proofreading and translations.

  • We develop Danmarks Nationalbank’s visual identity and support our colleagues in Danmarks Nationalbank with advice on and execution of visual communication. We are responsible for the layout of publications and presentations and for the production of videos, animations, images, icons and infographics. We also design the Danish banknotes and coins.

  • We handle internal communication in Danmarks Nationalbank, including editing of internal news, holding of ‘house meetings’ for the entire organisation, management communication and strategy communication.

  • We provide services to the Board of Governors, the Committee of Directors and the Board of Directors. We handle the work in Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation and the work regarding our guest apartments for researchers in Nyhavn in the centre of Copenhagen. And we ensure documentation, filing and knowledge sharing of Danmarks Nationalbank’s work.

Head of Department Camilla Penn answers three questions about the work in Secretariat and Communications:

How do you contribute to Danmarks Nationalbank’s work to ensure a robust economy?

“Part of a central bank’s role is to be open and communicate our views on the world – and convert our knowledge into value for society. We do this through clear and useful communication that helps build up our credibility in society.

We also want to broaden the understanding of Danmarks Nationalbank’s mandate and day-to-day tasks, so that the public knows what our mission is – namely to ensure that Denmark has a robust economy, or what in the old days was called to “maintain a safe and secure currency system.”

What makes your area particularly exciting?

“Secretariat and Communications is centrally located in the organisation and has a hand in most things and the most important activities. This makes for an incredibly exciting everyday working life with a great variety of tasks. Excellence in communication is key to us and we also regard it as essential to providing high-quality services to the Board of Governors and the house as a whole.

At a time when fake news and evidence are locked in an ongoing battle, digital visions and new online channels are not enough. We need to work just as hard with content, communication and target group focus. We work in an institution in which professionalism and credibility are paramount, and where openness and usability are necessary to remain a relevant player in society. This makes our day-to-day working life exciting.”

What opportunities and challenges are there in your area?

“The increasingly digital development and the fight for our target groups’ attention and interest are a challenge that we are particularly aware of. Fortunately, we are standing on the shoulders of more than 200 years of history, where, by virtue of our credibility, we have succeeded in penetrating the news stream with key messages and recommendations at the right times.

It is not Danmarks Nationalbank’s task to voice opinions on everything, but about what is closest to our mandate, and we should enrich the debate with our in-depth expert knowledge of economic and financial matters. I think we are succeeding.

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities. With an ambitious approach to our daily work, there is an abundance of ideas, and we are constantly and successfully developing our organisation – with new ways and platforms for communicating, both internally and externally.”

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