Abstract icon The restoration and renovation of Havnegade 5 in Copenhagen comprises a number of subprojects. Here, we provide an overview.

​Exterior works

  • The exterior façades of the building are in Arne Jacobsen's favourite material: pale grey Porsgrunn marble named after a quarry in Norway. In several places, the marble slabs have been damaged by the wind and the weather, and all the marble needs replacing.
  • The glass structure consisting of double glazing will be replaced together with the outer system of the so-called curtain wall façade as well as the rest of the façade glass to improve functionality and increase insulation capacity.
  • The Danmarks Nationalbank gardens will be preserved and placed in storage to prevent damage to the plants from the work on the façades.

Interior works

  • New indoor climate solution. The indoor climate design has been carefully maintained and improved over the years, but a new indoor climate solution is now needed. A new and energy-efficient ventilation solution must be developed for the building.
  • Clean-up to reduce the content of PCB in the air.
  • Upgrading fire safety in the building, including up-to-date escape routes, sprinkler systems and smoke vents.
  • Establishment of a new IT solution for cabling and equipment in connection with office facilities.
  • Ensuring optimum use of space in the building by looking into how best to ensure that the building at Havnegade supports the organisation and the future activities and needs of Danmarks Nationalbank. For example, could office areas and meeting rooms be arranged differently?
  • A number of major and minor maintenance projects will be realised as part of the project. These include folding walls to be renovated, various energy optimisation measures, the replacement of solar cell inverters and the replacement of crane and hoisting equipment. As a result, no major maintenance work is expected to be needed at Havnegade 5 in the years after the restoration and renovation.

Protection against rising sea levels

  • The building must be protected against rising sea levels and cloud bursts – due to the proximity of the building to the Copenhagen waterfront.
  • Four earth anchors need replacing, and drainage must be installed around the perimeter of the building to prevent basement flooding and subsidence.

Questions and answers

Danmarks Nationalbank receives a lot of questions about the project. The answers to the most frequently asked questions can be seen below.

 Questions and answers

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Press contact:
Journalists seeking information about the project are welcome to contact the press advisor Ole Mikkelsen at, ph. +45 2630 9655.

Project management:
Specific and technical questions about the project can be directed at Head of Section Ann-Pia Puggaard at, ph. +45 2162 0114.

Temporary domicile

As of September 2020, Danmarks Nationalbank's employees have relocated to Langelinie Allé 47, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, where a building has been rented from ATP Ejendomme. This will serve as Danmarks Nationalbank's temporary domicile during the renovation of Havnegade.