Abstract icon So far, the work to restore and renovate Havnegade 5 is expected to last until 2028. The timeline for the project is currently being revised.

Our preliminary timeline shows that the project will take seven years to complete and that Havnegade 5 will be ready for occupation in 2028. The preliminary timeline covers both tendering periods, design and execution of the construction work and relocation back to Havnegade 5.

As part of the contract, our future main contractor will be required to qualify and specify the preliminary timeline. A final timeline will be presented at a later date.

Questions and answers

Danmarks Nationalbank receives a lot of questions about the project. The answers to the most frequently asked questions can be seen below.

 Questions and answers

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Press contact:
Journalists seeking information about the project are welcome to contact press advisor Ole Mikkelsen at omi@nationalbanken.dk, ph. +45 2630 9655.

Project management:
Specific and technical questions about the project can be directed at Head of Section Ann-Pia Puggaard at apu@nationalbanken.dk, ph. +45 2162 0114.

Temporary domicile

As of September 2020, Danmarks Nationalbank's employees have relocated to Langelinie Allé 47, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, where a building has been rented from ATP Ejendomme. This will serve as Danmarks Nationalbank's temporary domicile during the renovation of Havnegade.