Abstract icon It is a characteristic of Arne Jacobsen's buildings that they have been designed down to the smallest detail. The Danmarks Nationalbank building is no exception.

​​The choice of materials and principles is reflected in all the various rooms, and the VOLA fittings, Liljen chair and Banker's Clock were designed by Arne Jacobsen specifically for this building.

The lobby
From Danmarks Nationalbank's modest main entrance, a square hole in the Havnegade façade, you enter the wedge-shaped and cathedral-like lobby with almost 20 metres to the ceiling, from which daylight enters through tall, narrow windows between the façade pillars.

A sculptural steel staircase giving access to the six floors of the building has been suspended from red steel wires at the far end of the lobby.


In the niches below the windows are five tapestries woven by Kim Naver (b. 1940). Their yellow and red colours provide a contrast to the cool colours otherwise used in the lobby.


The lobby walls and floor are of the light Porsgrunn marble also used for the façade of the building.



Banker´s clock