Materials and principles

Abstract icon The Danmarks Nationalbank building is based on consistent use of materials and principles supporting its straight lines and minimalistic interiors.

​​​​​A modular structure
The Danmarks Nationalbank building consists of narrow modules measuring 420 x 420 cm as the load-bearing structure, partly with a view to reducing the construction height and making room for an extra storey without the building becoming taller than the neighbouring blocks. The modules are visible both on the façade and inside the building, e.g. in the office corridors with double walls of cupboards, on panels and in the IT floor of the banking hall.

Curtain wall
The façade of the Danmarks Nationalbank building is based on a "curtain wall" principle, which means that the façade has been mounted on the building without being part of the load-bearing structure. That was very innovative at the time.


The light grey Norwegian Porsgrunn marble, a material favoured by Arne Jacobsen, has been used for both the outside façades of Danmarks Nationalbank and inside the building. With its details and coral patterns, this marble has a vivid surface that fits in well with the surrounding architecture.   ​​​



Walls and floors

Most of the walls in the building are of knotless Central European pear wood, while the floors are of Doussier wood from West Africa.​​