The construction process

Abstract icon It was a requirement that Danmarks Nationalbank's many functions would not be interrupted by the construction of the extensive complex. The construction project was therefore divided into stages, and individual functions were transferred as the various sections were ready.
​The three stages

​The 1st stage, lasting from 1965 to 1971, comprised the northern part of the tall block and the first part of the office wing, the banknote printing works, machine room and canteen facilities. The choice of materials was made at this stage, which was concluded just before Arne Jacobsen's sudden death in 1971.

The 2nd stage, lasting from 1972 to 1976, comprised the southern part of the tall block and a small part of the low wing facing Holmens Church. This stage included all banking facilities, the rest of the office wing, reception rooms, the banking hall, the lobby and the main entrance. Architects DISSING+WEITLING took over the project from this stage onwards.​

The 3rd stage, lasting from 1976 to 1978, comprised the rest of the low wing, including the service functions and the underground car park.


The area of the Danmarks Nationalbank building is 48,000 m2. The price per square metre was kr. 6,500, and at the time of construction the building cost a total of 370 million Danish kroner.