The gardens and courtyards

Abstract icon The building has two courtyards, a roof garden and a pavement garden facing Holmens Church.

​​​The north courtyard
The largest and oldest of the courtyards, which is just over 700 m2 in size, is known as Arne Jacobsen's Garden, as he designed it, partly inspired by his own private garden. It is composed around semi-cylindrical concrete drums functioning as plant beds and four ornamental pools. Arne Jacobsen was very interested in gardens, especially succulents and green plants.



The south courtyard
The courtyard is designed as a rock garden with a minimum of soil under the plants and five reflecting pools with water lilies and goldfish.


The pavement garden
The extended pavement area facing Holmens Church with garden structures, lime trees and a curved granite wall, a pool, large plant tubs and stone drums forms a natural and sculptural link between the bank and the church situated in its own ground.

The long pavement stones came from the old Danmarks Nationalbank building, which was demolished to make room for the new one.


The roof garden
The almost 5,000 m2 large trapezoidal roof has been made into a roof garden that is visible from all four office floors.

The light stones covering the roof garden and the aluminium railings create the basis and structure for formations of circular skylights and plant boxes with creepers and taller plants.


About the gardens

While the pavement garden can be enjoyed by everyone, it is unfortunately not possible to access the other gardens in Danmarks Nationalbank.