The Danmarks Nationalbank building

Abstract icon Danmarks Nationalbank's building in Havnegade was designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen and was built in the years 1965-1978. The building is regarded as one of Arne Jacobsen's principal works. In the coming years, it will undergo major and necessary restoration and renovation work. You can now take a virtual tour of the iconic building.

Danmarks Nationalbank's building at Havnegade in Copenhagen will be undergoing major and necessary restoration and renovation work in the coming years. This is necessary to future-proof the building – both as part of our cultural heritage and as a workplace. The bank's staff have moved to other addresses during the building period.

Take a virtual tour of the building
The building in Havnegade is an important part of Danmarks Nationalbank's history and identity, even though the official address is currently at another location.

To give an insight into the iconic building and the beautiful gardens, we have created a virtual tour. You will see areas from the building that are normally closed to the public for security reasons, and you will receive information about our role in society and Danmarks Nationalbank's history.

The tour consists of two short films: One that gives the actual tour. And one about the architecture of the building. Click on the pictures for the film you want to see. You get the best 360° view if you use a mobile phone and turn it horizontally. For optimal experience, go to full screen and use 3D glasses, if available.


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