The Danmarks Nationalbank building

Abstract icon The Danmarks Nationalbank building was designed by the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen and constructed in the period 1965-78. It is regarded as one of Arne Jacobsen's major works.

​​​Danmarks Nationalbank is centrally located in Copenhagen, surrounded by the Old Stock Exchange, Christiansborg Castle, financial institutions and government ministries in the Gammelholm district.


Danmarks Nationalbank is closed to the public

Danmarks Nationalbank is closed to the public due to coronavirus. This means that you cannot see, and lift, the gold ingot on display in the lobby. And you cannot buy or pick up commemorative coins, thematic coins or new banknotes and coins at the cash desk. 

After the summer holidays, Danmarks Nationalbank will be temporarily relocated as we are embarking on a major restoration and renovation project of the building in Havnegade. Therefore, we do not know when it will be possible to reopen the lobby to the public.

More information

Read about Danmarks Nationalbank building, its architecture, interiors and the surrounding gardens. For the most part, the interiors are shown as they appear today. However, some photos also show how the premises originally looked.