Exchange of withdrawn banknotes and coins

Is it possible to exchange all withdrawn Danish banknotes and coins?
No, only banknotes issued after the substitution of money in 1945 can be exchanged for new banknotes - read more about the substition series. All coins issued after 1875 with a value of 50 øre or higher can be exchanged for new coins.

Where can withdrawn Danish banknotes and coins be exchanged?
In general, banknotes and coins must be exchanged at your bank.

Can withdrawn Danish banknotes and coins be exchanged at Danmarks Nationalbank?
Yes, if it is not possible to exchange withdrawn banknotes and coins at your bank, you can contact Danmarks Nationalbank. Please send banknotes and coins to Danmarks Nationalbank for exchange at the address specified below. Such letters are sent at your own risk. Remember to state your name, email, phone number and the name of your bank, IBAN number and SWIFT code.

Danmarks Nationalbank
Cash Supply
Havnegade 5
DK-1093 Copenhagen K

Firms and individuals wishing to transfer exchanged amounts to an account will be charged a fee for this service. The charge for a transfer to an account with a Danish bank is kr. 50, while the charge for a transfer to an account with a foreign bank is kr. 125. See also "Rules for the exchange of notes and coins".

Does Danmarks Nationalbank exchange foreign currency?
No, Danmarks Nationalbank exchanges only Danish banknotes and coins.

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Danmarks Nationalbank is closed to the public

Danmarks Nationalbank is closed to the public due to coronavirus. This means that you cannot see, and lift, the gold ingot on display in the lobby. And you cannot buy or pick up commemorative coins, thematic coins or new banknotes and coins at the cash desk.

After the summer holidays, Danmarks Nationalbank will be temporarily relocated as we are embarking on a major restoration and renovation project of the building in Havnegade. Therefore, we do not know when it will be possible to reopen the lobby to the public.

You can contact the cash desk by email or on tel. +45 3363 7069. Telephone hours are Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.