Restoration and renovation of Havnegade 5

Why does the building need restoring and renovating?
Danmarks Nationalbank's building at Havnegade in Copenhagen will be undergoing major restoration and renovation works deemed by experts to be necessary. Surveys have shown that many materials and installations have come to the end of their useful lives, while other parts of the building need replacing. In particular, marble and glass façades need replacing, and fire safety and the indoor climate must be improved.

This is the largest construction project to date at the Danmarks Nationalbank domicile since the building was finished.

What will be happening?
For outsiders, the biggest change will be the replacement of marble and glass on the façade. However, the list of work to be done is long.

The indoor climate needs optimising, and installations will be replaced with more energy-friendly systems. On the list are also a PCB clean-up, new IT installations, updating of the layout, and a fire safety upgrade which includes safe, upgraded escape routes, sprinklers and smoke vent systems.

The building must also be protected against rising sea levels and cloud bursts due to the proximity of Danmarks Nationalbank to the Copenhagen waterfront.

All refurbishment, restoration and rebuilding works are carried out in close dialogue with the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, Centre for Cultural Heritage, due to the listed status of the building.

Why is the building listed?
The Danmarks Nationalbank building was listed by the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces in 2009 on the recommendation of the Historic Buildings Council. At the time of its listing, Danmarks Nationalbank was the youngest listed building in Denmark.

The listing is based on the architectural and cultural historical values of the building, including the architectural appearance of the building in the cityscape, its layout and materials, gardens and extremely well-designed and intricate details.

How long will the project take?
Exactly how long it will take to restore and renovate the building is difficult to say. Some uncertainties still need to be clarified and examined, and the main contractor is to help us do so.

But our preliminary estimate is that the project will take seven years to complete, and Havnegade 5 will be ready for occupation in 2028. This covers both tendering periods, consultancy and the actual execution of the construction work.

However, we cannot present a final timeline for the project until the main contractor has examined the project in detail.

What will the project cost?
We do not yet have a final budget as we need the main contractor to clarify and describe how the tasks are to be performed, especially as far as interior works are concerned.  The main contractor will start working on the project in summer 2021.

A preliminary estimate of the costs of construction is kr. 1.9 billion excluding VAT. However, the estimate involves a great deal of uncertainty, for instance because we do not know the extent of some tasks in detail.

The final budget will be presented at a later date.

When will the renovation and restoration works start?
The project is still in the development phase, and changes may still be made.

We expect to contract with a main contractor in summer 2021. Then a planning phase will follow, a call for tenders for the project will be issued, and finally the building works will be executed. The first construction works are expected to be initiated in the 4th quarter of 2022. 

In spring 2021, craftsmen will carry out preparatory works.

Will the building be open to visitors?
There will generally be no public access to the building during the rebuilding.

Where will Danmarks Nationalbank be during the project period?
As of September 2020, Danmarks Nationalbank's employees have relocated to Langelinie Allé 47, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, where a building has been rented from ATP Ejendomme. This will serve as Danmarks Nationalbank's temporary domicile during the renovation of Havnegade.​

Who foots the bill?
Danmarks Nationalbank will pay the costs of restoring and renovating the domicile at Havnegade and renting temporary premises.

How can I get the latest information about the project?
You can follow the progress of the project on the Danmarks Nationalbank website, or you can email if you have any questions that have not been answered here.