The IMF's analyses of the Danish economy

The International Monetary Fund, IMF, concludes in its 2019 Article IV Consultation with Denmark that the Danish economy delivers continued solid growth supported by domestic demand. The labour market is strong, with pressures gradually building. Economic policies should target higher potential growth and reinforce financial resilience.

Denmark, 2019 Article IV Consultation

Denmark - Selected Issues

Every year, a team of IMF economists visits Denmark to analyse the Danish economy. Half a year in advance, the IMF makes preparatory visits, known as interim visits. This is part of the IMF's surveillance of its member countries' economic development. During the visit, the IMF meets with relevant ministries, advisory bodies, trade and industry ​associations, and private sector participants. Among other things, the IMF's analysis includes recommendations for reforms of the national economy and is summarised in an Article IV report, which is compulsory according to article IV the IMF's Articles of Agreement, hence the name.
Since 1999, the IMF has prepared in-depth analyses of the financial system in connection with its Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP). The purpose is to reduce the risk of crises in the international financial markets. Since the financial sector in Denmark has been assessed to be systemically important in the international financial system, Denmark will undergo the FSAP every 5 years. A team of IMF economists visited Denmark in November 2019 and February-March 2020 in connection with an ongoing FSAP analysis. Their work is planned to be published in June 2020 in a new Financial System Stability Assessment report.

Financial System Stability Assessment, 2014

As a part of the multilateral surveillance strategy, the IMF has started to analyse clusters of economies with strong economic interlinkages. The reports aim to highlight shared lessons, and how countries can potentially benefit from policy coordination. January 2015, the IMF published a cluster report on the housing market in Denmark, The Netherlands, Ireland and Spain.  
Cluster report on the housing market