Economics and Monetary Policy

Abstract icon Economics and Monetary Policy contributes to the basis for monetary policy decisions and recommendations for the other economic policies, including the publication of analyses, working papers and the permanent publications Outlook for the Danish Economy and Monetary and Financial Trends. Economics and Monetary Policy also prepares Danmarks Nationalbank's participation in international economic and monetary cooperation.

Monetary and Macro Financial Analysis

  • analyses monetary policies and contributes to form the basis for monetary policy decisions 
  • analyses the transmission of monetary policy in the fixed exchange rate regime, including how financial conditions affect Danish corporations and households
  • analyses financial structures and the behavior of the largest domestic actors in the financial markets, including the banks, mortgage banks and pension sector
  • monitors and analyses the development in the most important interest rates, the credit supply, capital flows and financial markets more generally
  • responsible for the half-yearly publication “Monetary and financial trends”.

Macroeconomic Analysis

  • monitors and analyses developments in the Danish economy on the basis of macro and micro data
  • prepares short term forecasts for the Danish economy and is the main author on the publication “Outlook for the Danish economy”
  • analyses Danish economic policy developments and contributes to the preparation of Danmarks Nationalbank's recommendations for fiscal and structural policy in Denmark
  • develops and maintains Danmarks Nationalbank’s macroeconomic models
  • participates in international and Danish working groups and networks on the macroeconomic development and econometric modelling.

International Economics, Relations and Strategy

  • monitors and analyses the development in international economy
  • analyses the international economic policy development
  • coordinates Danmarks Nationalbank's participation in international co-operation (EU/ECB, IMF, BIS)
  • participates in international working groups and networks on the international economic development
  • coordinates strategy and action plans for Economics and Monetary Policy, communication of analyses and decisions in presentations and publications.


  • Develops economic models and tools to analyse the economy and support Danmarks Nationalbank's policy decisions
  • Provides a conceptual framework to assess policy-making challenges
  • Participates in international research projects with central banks and academia
  • Organises research conferences on topics related to economics and policy
  • Offers a research environment for Danmarks Nationalbank PhD-fellows and visiting researchers.

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Economics and Monetary Policy

Monetary and Macro Financial Analysis

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Macroeconomic Analysis

International Economics, Relations and Strategy
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