Lars Rohde


Lars Rohde

Governor by Royal Appointment, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Danmarks Nationalbank, 2013-
Governor for Denmark, International Monetary Fund, 2013-

Born 21 March 1954

Married to CEO Betina Hagerup on 22 December 2011

Theoretical background

  • Master of Science (Economics), Aarhus University 1980
  • Research Council fellowship 1980-81

Previous positions
  • Economist, Arbejdernes Landsbank 1981-82
  • Economist, Danmarks Nationalbank 1982-84
  • Economist, The Medical Doctors' Pension Fund 1985-88
  • CEO, The Medical Doctors' Pension Fund 1988-89
  • CIO, Realkredit Danmark 1989-92
  • Member of the Executive Board, Realkredit Danmark 1992-97
  • Deputy CEO, Realkredit Danmark 1997-98
  • CEO, The Danish Labour Market Supplementary Pension Scheme 1998-2013

Board memberships
  • Member of the board, Association of Danish Mortgage Banks 1992-98
  • Member of the board, Copenhagen Stock Exchange 1993-96
  • Member of the Committee on Corporate Governance in Denmark 2002-11
  • Member of the chairmanship of the corps of external examiners for Danish degree programmes in business economics 2006-10
  • Member of the Danish government's Growth Forum 2009-11
  • Expert member of the Swedish government commission on National Pension Fund 2011
  • Member of the board of Aarhus University 2011-12
  • Member of the board of FIH Erhvervsbank and FIH Holding 2011-12
  • Member of Long Term Investors Council for the World Economic Forum 2011-12
  • Chairman of the Systemic Risk Council 2013-

  • External associate professor, Department of Finance, Copenhagen Business School 1987-93
  • External examiner, degree programmes in business economics 1993-