Secretariat and Communications

Abstract icon Mathies Lau Friis Laursen has been appointed acting Head of Department for Secretariat and Communications while Head of Department Camilla Penn is on leave.

Secretariat and Communications is Danmarks Nationalbank's communication department, which works to promote the bank's expert knowledge in society. 

In Secretariat and Communications, we look after, among other things, internal and external communication, press contact, visual communication and Danmarks Nationalbank's website as well as giving talks to upper secondary schools and dealing with public enquiries.

We are responsible for strengthening Danmarks Nationalbank's influence, so that decision-makers and citizens are aware of the bank's advice and recommendations. In addition, we work to promote the general public's awareness of Danmarks Nationalbank's work, tasks and role in society. 

We also function as the Secretariat for Danmarks Nationalbank's three-member Board of Governors, the Board of Directors and the Committee of Directors. The Secretariat is also responsible for the administration of Danmarks Nationalbank's various foundations.




Acting Head of Department Mathies Lau Friis Laursen can be contacted on tel. +45 3363 6434.

The press can contact press officers Ole Mikkelsen on tel. +45 3363 6027 or
Teis Hald Jensen on tel. +45 3363 6066.