Abstract icon Statistics collects, compiles and publishes financial statistics. Statistics analyses the collected data and provides input for e.g. the assessment of the financial stability in Denmark. Statistics also participates in international cooperation on development of statistics


  • Assists reporters of statistical data with access to the systems and with technical problems.

Data Engineering

  • Analyses and supports business needs related to data analysis across the bank
  • Facilitates knowledge sharing and competence development related to analytical work
  • Analyses opportunities to improve technical aspects of internal and external use of data.

Money, banking and national accounts statistics

  • Responsible for collecting data from banks and mortgage banks and investment funds
  • Analyses balance-sheet developments for Danish banks and mortgage banks, including lending to Danish enterprises and households
  • Analyses investment and saving in Denmark by sector
  • Analyses interest-rate developments in Denmark for various loan types.

Securities and external statistics

  • Responsible for collecting securities data from various sources
  • Responsible for collecting data from insurance corporations and pension funds, investment funds and non-financial corporations
  • Analyses the development in issuance and ownership distribution of Danish securities with special focus on government and mortgage bonds
  • Analyses foreign direct investment
  • Analyses the financial account of the balance of payments
  • Analyses Denmark's international investment position and investment income
  • Analyses the insurance and pension sector's investments and provisions
  • Analyses investment funds' managed assets and own investment

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Data Engineering
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Money, Banking and National Accounts Statistics
Money and Banking Statistics
Statistics for Investment Funds
Financial Account
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Securities and External Statistics
External Statistics
Insurance and pension statistics
Investment fund statistics
Securities Statistics

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