Danmarks Nationalbank's whistleblower scheme

Danmarks Nationalbank's whistleblower scheme is a confidential and independent channel where, among other parties, Danmarks Nationalbank's employees, Committee of Directors and Board of Directors as well as employees with the bank's suppliers and other partners can report certain breaches of EU law, serious criminal offences or other serious matters. This may, for example, be reporting of financial crime, breach of duty of confidentiality, sexual harassment or other serious harassment.

The whistleblower portal ensures that all reports are treated confidentially and within a secure framework. Reports can also be submitted anonymously.

The Danmarks Nationalbank has chosen to appoint an external and independent law firm, Lund Elmer Sandager, to receive and follow up on any reports submitted under the whistleblower scheme.

Breaches can be reported in writing and using the web form available on the whistleblower portal

You can read more about Danmarks Nationalbank's whistleblower scheme and how reports are processed on the whistleblower portal and in the detailed guidance on Danmarks Nationalbank's whistleblower scheme.

No reports have been received under Danmarks Nationalbank's whistleblower scheme since it was established in December 2021.