The Danish Payments Council's reports

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On a regular basis, The Danish Payments Council publishes reports about the payment area. The reports are published on this webpage.

New series of analyses

The results of the survey are presented in a series of analyses from the Danish Payments Council: Costs of payments in Denmark. Analyses and further information are gathered on this web page. 

Background to series on the costs of payments in Denmark

The paper describes the central concepts in the analyses as well as how the Danish Payments Council has collected data for the survey.

The aggregate costs of payments in Denmark were kr. 15.6 billion in 2016  

The analysis presents the aggregate costs of payments in Denmark. I.e., consumer-to-business payments, business-to-business payments, and person-to-person transfers. In addition, the analysis gives insight into the development in the payments market during the last decade.

The costs of consumer-to-business payments have decreased considerably

This analysis presents the socials costs of domestic consumer-to-business payments in Denmark. In the analysis, cash, payment cards, and the most common payment methods for paying bills are examined.

September 2016

The Danish Payments Council has published a report about non-banks in the payments market in Denmark and abroad. Non-banks comprise a wide range of firms, spanning from small fintech start-ups providing high-tech payment services to large, global firms deciding to include payments in their business area. Among other things the report concludes, that so far, non-banks have gained only a limited foothold in the payments market in Denmark, but especially some of the global firms has the greatest potential to become significant players in the Danish payments market. New Danish non-banks focus mainly on services linked to payments. This could e.g. be solutions to replace paper receipts and slips, digital checkout systems and e-invoices that are automatically read into the payer's ERP system.

Report on non-banks in the payments market

August 2016

The Danes use relatively less cash in retail stores today than they did just a few years ago. New payment solutions are rapidly gaining ground and could present alternatives to cash. Although Denmark is not moving towards a cashless society, the tendency for cash to play a smaller role as a means of payment will continue. The Danish Payments Council has made a report on the role of cash in society. 

Report on the role of cash in society

September 2015

The Danish Payments Council has published a report on business-to-business payments in Denmark. The analysis is the first of its kind in Denmark and is based on a sample survey and interviews with individual Danish firms. The report was presented at a seminar hosted by the Confederation of Danish Industry on behalf of the Danish Payments Council.

Report on business-to-business payments

February 2014

Recommendations from the Payments Council regarding proposed EU regulation

November 2013

The report has been prepared by a working group consisting of representatives from the members of the Danish Payments Council, stakeholders in the payment market and independent experts. The Payments Council hopes that the report can contribute to a constructive debate on the future payment solutions for the benefit of the Danish payers and payees.

Report On New Payment Solutions  (data ​- in Danish only)

The Danish Payments Council´s Annual Reports

Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2013