Retail payments

Abstract icon Retail payments are the payments made by households and firms on an everyday basis. This could be when they pay in cash or when they carry out electronic payments using e.g. a payment card or a mobile phone.

Every day, billions of kroner are transferred from one account to another in Denmark. Such payments need to be fast and secure, and consumers must be able to rely on this – that is a prerequisite for a well-functioning society. Ensuring safe and efficient payments is one of Danmarks Nationalbank's core tasks. Consequently, Danmarks Nationalbank collects statistics etc. and analyses retail payments in order to promote insight into and transparency within the payments market. This is done via bodies such as the Danish Payments Council, where the most important participants in the Danish payments market meet to discuss payment market issues. Danmarks Nationalbank chairs the Council and provides secretariat services. For further information about the Danish Payment Council, click here.

Together with the other EU central banks, Danmarks Nationalbank also participates in European retail payment collaboration via e.g. the European Central Bank, and in the independent supervisory body, the European Banking Authority, in which not only the central banks but also supervisory authorities from the EU member states participate.