200-krone banknote

The 200-krone banknote, depicting the bridge Knippelsbro and the Langstrup Belt Plate, was issued on 19 October 2010.

Format 145 x 72 mm.

Knippelsbro (Knippels Bridge) links Slotsholmen to Christianshavn in Copenhagen. The first bridge on this site was built from 1618 to 1620 by King Christian IV, whereas the present Knippelsbro, the fifth in the series, dates back to 1937. When ships need to pass under the 115-metre-long bridge, the bascule leaves of the bridge are raised, providing a horizontal clearance of 35 metres.

Langstrup Belt Plate
The belt plate from Langstrup in North Zealand was found before 1880 in a bog together with two spiral bangles and a bronze knife. It is the largest, fully preserved belt plate known to come from the early Bronze Age, approximately 1400 BC. The decoration, which comprises circular grooves and spirals, was stamped into a wax mould before casting. The centre is decorated with a point that is 5 cm long. Belt plates like these were worn by wealthy women on the front of their belts.