Frequently asked questions

How can I get hold of one of the new banknotes?

Delivery of the new editions of the 500-krone banknote to the banks will start on Tuesday,
17 November 2020, but it is expected to take some time before all banks have received them. They will also be available for sale in the Royal Danish Mint webshop from 17 November 2020.

​Can I still use the old banknotes?

Yes, no banknotes will become invalid when the new editions of the banknotes are issued.
All banknotes issued after 1945 are still valid as a means of payment and can be exchanged for new banknotes in your own bank. However, stores are free to decide whether to accept other banknotes than those in the newest series

Coloured and damaged banknotes must also be exchanged in your bank. Danmarks Nationalbank will accept banknotes returned from banks in accordance with the rules set out here:
Exchange of banknotes

Why did Danmarks Nationalbank decide to stop producing coins and banknotes?

Society's demand for new banknotes and coins has been falling in recent years. The latest figures (from 2020) show that only 16 per cent of payments in ordinary physical stores today are cash payments. In 2014, Danmarks Nationalbank therefore decided to initiate a process to discontinue the internal printing of banknotes and minting of coins in the course of 2016.

What do the new editions of the banknotes look like?

The colours and images on the banknotes are the same as before, but new security features have been added to make them even harder to counterfeit.
When the other denominations are issued in new editions, they will also look a lot like the current ones, but will of course also have the new security features.  Read more about the new security features here: Take a closer look at the new banknotes.

But haven't Danes almost stopped using cash?

It is true that the use of cash is on the decrease. But the latest figures also show that around one in six payments in stores are still made with cash. And while you may be among those who very rarely use cash, there are still sections of the population where the use of banknotes and coins is more widespread. Cash is also used not only as payment in stores, but also for loans and payments between private individuals, gifts, pocket money and savings.
You can read more about Danes' use of banknotes and coins in the analysis here:

Analysis - Cash payments are declining (26 February 2020)

Does this trend mean that cash will soon disappear completely?

Although the use of cash is declining fast at the moment, Danmarks Nationalbank is not expecting to see cash disappear in the near future.
Find the latest analysis from Danmarks Nationalbank on Danes' payment habits from September 2020 here:

Analysis - Danes primarily opt for electronic payment solutions (16 September 2020)

And the analysis on Danes' declining use of cash here:

Analysis - Cash payments are declining (26 February 2020)

When will the next banknotes in the series be issued?

The next banknotes will be issued as the need arises. The next banknote to be issued in a new version will be the 100-krone banknote.

How does Danmarks Nationalbank deal with the risk of corona infection when using cash?

Danmarks Nationalbank has consulted with the Danish Health Authority, who explained that viruses such as the one that causes covid-19 generally do not remain viable for very long on surfaces such as packages, luggage and banknotes. The Authority has therefore concluded that there is no increased risk of corona infection when paying in cash.