Information for stores and banks

From 17 November 2020, Danmarks Nationalbank started issuing new versions of the Danish banknotes. A new 500-krone banknote will be the first to be issued.
The new banknotes will look very much like the ones we use now, but there are slight differences. We have made a video to let employees that handle cash have a closer look at and get to know the new 500-krone banknote.

Danmarks Nationalbank has printed an information poster showing the new banknote, which stores can order free of charge. Hang the poster where employees that often handle cash can see it. The poster describes the new security features so that they can easily recognise the new banknotes.
Order the poster by writing to Kristian Granov by email at
If you are a store or a bank and you have any questions about the new editions of the banknotes, please contact Daniel Krarup Rosenstrøm from Danmarks Nationalbank's Cash Supply by mail at