Take a closer look

Abstract icon In 2020, the 500-krone banknote came in a new edition. The other denominations will follow in the coming years. The new editions will be very similar to the current banknotes which will still be valid. But there are differences to look out for to see whether you are holding one of the new banknotes. Some security features such as the hologram, watermark and microtext are the same as on the old banknotes, but new features have also been added. Read more below. Take a closer look at the new banknotes here:

​New tactile mark

The first new feature is a figure that can be felt on the paper. On the 500-krone note it is a triangle, and the next new banknotes will have other figures. The current tactile marks on the 100- and 200-krone banknotes, which help the visually impaired, will remain on the new versions.


​Tactile copper print

Another new feature is that the words 'Danmarks Nationalbank' and the signatures on the banknotes are printed in copper print which can be felt
on the surface of the banknote.

​Half numbers become whole

At first glance, it looks like the number showing the denomination of the banknote has been cut in half. But when the banknote is held up to the light, the whole number becomes visible. This is a completely new security feature that has been added to the new banknotes.

​Window thread

On the new edition, the window thread has been made more visible and it has been moved to the front of the banknote with the bridge. When the banknote is tilted, the thread 'comes alive'. When the banknote is held up
to the light, the thread is seen as an unbroken line. The window thread has different colours on the different banknotes.


​Ribbon with mother-of-pearl pattern

On the back of the banknote – the one without the bridge, a new ribbon with a mother-of-pearl pattern now extends down across the banknote.
The ribbon is printed in a faint, light blue colour and consists of a pattern and the number 500. It is best seen when you tilt the banknote. The pattern will be unique on each denomination.

Hidden security thread

On the new banknotes, the hidden blue safety thread now contains microtext and numbers. The thread is most visible when the banknote is held up to the light.

​Plate number

The plate number is now printed in copper print and has been moved up
to the right of the text 'Dronning Alexandrines Bro'.

​Serial number

The serial number now has nine digits – the old banknotes have seven digits.


The watermark becomes visible when the banknote is held up to the light.
The watermark shows a Viking Ship from Skuldelev in Roskilde Fiord, together with the demonomination.


Another feature is a sophisticated hologram that reflects light in
different colours.


​Micro text

The banknotes also have micro text that is not visible to the naked eye,
but only with a magnifying glass.