Banknote and coin exhibition

In Danmarks Nationalbank's building in Havnegade 5 you can explore an exhibition of Danish banknotes and coins.

In July 2019 Danmarks Nationalbank opened a new exhibition of Danish banknotes. Here you can see banknotes all the way back from 1713, when the first Danish banknote was launched, until the newest banknotes from the 2009-series. Besides seeing all the banknotes, you can also learn more about how banknotes are designed and produced. You can also try if you can see the difference between a genuine and a false banknote. 

The coin exhibition is a nice and inviting display of Danish coins from 1818 – the year where Danmark's Nationbank in Copenhagen was established – and forth.

There is public access in Danmarks Nationalbank's opening hours which are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.