Exchange of Danish cash abroad

Abstract icon You may encounter problems exchanging Danish cash in several countries. The reason for this is that Danish banks have become more reluctant to accept Danish cash from foreign banks. The banks assess that they cannot obtain adequate assurance that they will be able to fulfil their obligations under the anti-money laundering rules. As a result, several foreign banks and foreign exchange bureaus have now stopped accepting Danish cash abroad. Danmarks Nationalbank recommends that you do not bring Danish cash abroad, as there is a great risk that you will not be able to exchange the Danish cash you have brought abroad.

Instead, you should consider exchanging to foreign currencies before departure or bring a payment card that can be used abroad. 

Exchanging cash abroad is a commercial business, which is why the problem must be solved commercially. Danmarks Nationalbank is the issuer of banknotes and coins, but the responsibility of the direct citizen- and business-oriented handling of cash rests with the private actors. This is particularly true in international markets where commercial parties manage the exchange and handling of cash. 

Danish cash remains legal tender in Denmark.