Exchange of banknotes

Abstract icon Exchange discoloured and damaged banknotes at your bank. Danmarks Nationalbank replaces the banknotes on request of the banks by the following rules.
The rules are as follows:
  • Do not accept discoloured, burned, cleaned or other suspicious-looking banknotes
  • If you have accepted a suspicious-looking banknote by mistake, contact your bank
  • In the event of gross negligence where you should have discovered that a banknote is discoloured, burned or has been cleaned, the amount is forfeited
Rules for Danmarks Nationalbank's replacement of discoloured and damaged banknotes
Danmarks Nationalbank is charged with maintaining a safe and secure money system in Denmark and holds the sole right to issue banknotes that are legal tender, cf. Sections 1 and 8 of Act No. 116 of 7 April 1936 concerning Danmarks Nationalbank, with subsequent amendments.
Danmarks Nationalbank complies with the following rules for replacement of discoloured and damaged banknotes:
1. At the request of a bank, Danmarks Nationalbank may replace discoloured or damaged banknotes. Individuals and companies that have received discoloured or damaged banknotes must therefore contact the bank in which their account is held.
2.1. Discoloured or damaged banknotes can be replaced immediately by the bank at nominal value on the following terms:
(a) Discoloured banknotes: provided that it is obvious that the discolouration is not due to anti-theft devices and the notes otherwise do not appear to originate from criminal activities.
(b) Damaged banknotes: if more than 50 per cent of the banknote is left, and the banknotes otherwise do not appear to originate from criminal activities.
2.2. Discoloured or damaged banknotes that are replaced immediately must be gathered in bundles of suitable quantities and submitted to Danmarks Nationalbank stating that the banknotes have been replaced in accordance with the rule in item 2.1.
3.1. Banknotes that are discoloured or damaged in such a way that they can be assumed to originate from criminal activities cannot be replaced immediately, but must be submitted to Danmarks Nationalbank along with the following information on a pre-printed form:
(a) Name and address of the account holder verified by appropriate proof of identity.
(b) The account holder's explanation of the reason for the appearance of the banknotes, as well as how the account holder came to be in possession of the banknotes.
(c) The bank's recommendation of whether replacement should take place.
3.2. In particular, the bank must comply with the procedure set out in item 3.1. with regard to:
(a) discoloured banknotes that have been discoloured by anti-theft devices;
(b) banknotes that appear to have been cleaned using chemical agents;
(c) banknotes of which the edges have been cut off, or;
(d) banknotes that are damp-stained.
4.1. Danmarks Nationalbank replaces the banknotes if the account holder is presumed to be the rightful owner of the banknotes. If the account holder cannot, or will not, provide the information stated in item 3.1., the banknotes are not replaced.
4.2. Discoloured or damaged banknotes will not be returned.
5. Banknotes that have been discoloured by anti-theft devices while in the possession of the bank are to be submitted separately to Danmarks Nationalbank for replacement, accompanied by an explanation of whether the discolouration is related to accidental release of the device, or during a robbery where the banknotes were abandoned, or a similar situation.


Banks wishing to have discoloured or damaged banknotes exchanged can send these to:

Danmarks Nationalbank
P.O. Box 202
DK-2770 Kastrup

You can also contact the cash desk by email or on tel. +45 3363 7069.