Exchange of coins

Abstract icon Danmarks Nationalbank exchanges coins that are not materially damaged. Coins will be exchanged in accordance with the 'Rules for the exchange of notes and coins'. The rules can be downloaded from this site.
                            Undamaged coins                                
Slightly damaged coins 

Materially damaged coins
Coins that have been materially damaged or are very worn, or that have been exposed to treatment that has had or could reasonably be expected to have a modifying effect, are not legal tender, cf. section 4 (2) of the Danish Coinage Act, and are not exchanged.

Coins falling within this definition may be difficult to use in e.g. vending machines, etc. and their authenticity could be called into doubt. Such coins may also be bent, their shape may have been altered or they may have been modified in other ways due to chemical treatment or other deliberate manipulation.

Materially damaged coins
The above examples are for guidance only. Specific coins will be assessed individually on the basis of an inspection of the physical coins.


Banks wishing to have coins excanged that are not materially damaged can send these to:

Danmarks Nationalbank
P.O. Box 201
DK-2770 Kastrup

You can also contact the cash desk by email or on tel. +45 3363 7069.