Polar coins

Abstract icon On the occasion of International Polar Year 2007-2009 Danmarks Nationalbank issued three thematic coins with motifs from the polar regions. All of the thematic coins were issued in three different versions - an ordinary 10-krone coin, a 100-krone silver coin and a 1000-krone gold coin.
The gold coin is made in gold obtained from the Nalunaq Gold Mine by Nanortalik in the South of Greenland. It was the first time that a coin was minted in gold originating from Greenland. A small polar bear in the legend on the gold coin indicates that the coin consists of gold originating from Greenland. The face of the polar coins shows a profile of the Queen by the sculptor, professor Mogens Møller. All the polar coins are legal tender and can be exchanged at Danmarks Nationalbank at face value.
Polar Bear
The motif of the first polar coin issued on 26 March 2007 is a polar bear. The motif is designed by the Greenland artist Niels Motzfeldt. In 2009, the Po​lar Bear coin won the Best Gold Coin category at the World Money Fair in Berlin.
On 26 February 2008, the second coin in the polar series was issued with the Sirius Sledge Patrol as its motif. The coin is designed by the sculptor Margrete Sørensen.
Northern Lights  
The third and final coin in the series to commemorate the International Polar Year was issued on 23 February 2009 and carries Northern Lights as its motif. The coin is designed by the sculptor Professor Morten Stræde.