Danmarks Nationalbank's Bachelor Award

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Abstract icon Danmarks Nationalbank appreciates good economic research – and also good bachelor papers in economics. Every year 'Danmarks Nationalbank's Bachelor Award' of kr. 10,000 is presented for the best bachelor paper within Danmarks Nationalbank's area. This could be a theoretical paper or an empirical study based on macrodata or microdata.

Topics for the paper could be:

  • Monetary and exchange rate policies and stabilisation policies
  • Macroeconomics, monetary economics and credit
  • Financial stability and macroprudential policies
  • Financial institutions and financial markets

Nominations for the award

The departments of economics at the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, the University of Southern Denmark and Copenhagen Business School will each nominate up to three of the best bachelor papers written within the academic year in question for the award. The university/business school must send the nominated papers to Danmarks Nationalbank by 15 August 2021. A committee at Danmarks Nationalbank will assess the papers, and the winner will receive the award of kr. 10,000 in connection with Danmarks Nationalbank's Careers Evening in October. All nominees will be invited to the Careers Evening at Danmarks Nationalbank, where the winner will also present his or her paper.