Publications from FSOR

Abstract icon The members of Financial Sector forum for Operational Resilience, FSOR, have chosen an open approach to the work taking place in the forum. Thus, FSOR will publish annual reports. You can find the reports through the links below.

Annual report 2020 from the Financial Sector forum for Operational Resilience
The Annual Report presents the results achieved in 2020 in the Financial Sector Forum for Operational Resilience (FSOR). You can, among other information, read about FSOR's risk analysis, which is directional for the joint work in FSOR, about the crisis management situation overview in connection with the coronaviruspandemic and about participation in a crisis management exercise across the six critical sectors in Denmark. The report also provides information about test of the safeguards against cyber attacks in Denmark's financial institutions within the framework of TIBER-DK, and Danmarks Nationalbank's survey on cyber resilience in the financial sector. The purpose of all these measures is to increase operational resilience in the sector, thereby promoting financial stability.

Risk analysis in the financial sector

Some systemic risks can best be addressed jointly. The Danish financial sector has developed a methodology for prioritising the joint work on cyber risks. The sector works together to identify and address systemic risks on a structured basis. The methodology increases cyber security both for the individual institution and for society as a whole.The methodology may also be used in sectors other than the financial sector.