TIBER-DK and implementation guide

Abstract icon Danmarks Nationalbank and the most important financial institutions have decided to establish a Danish intel-led red-team test program for the Danish financial sector. Guidelines for the Danish programme – which is based on a framework worked out by the European Central Bank – was published 18 December 2018 and tests of the included institutions will take place during the coming years. The programme is called TIBER-DK which stands for Threat Intelligence Based Ethical Red-teaming. The tests will contribute to improve the ability to discover and react to hacker attacks which potentially can affect critical functions in the financial institutions.

​Danmarks Nationalbank is the lead authority for TIBER-DK and as a consequence hereof a Tiber Cyber Team which supports the tests and ensures that the requirements in TIBER-DK are being accommodated. See more on TIBER-DK in TIBER-DK in brief and in the implementation guide.

TIBER-DK is based on a common European framework developed by the European Central Bank. TIBER-EU aims to create coordination between national authorities and to provide test participants with a streamlined test. See more about the pan-European framework on the ECB's website.