Primary dealers

Government Debt Management has concluded primary dealer contracts for, respectively, government bonds and Treasury bills. Primary dealer contracts are concluded with banks that intend to enter into long-term cooperation to trade and resell Danish government bonds to a broad range of investors.

Banks that have concluded primary dealer contracts can act as counterparties in the central government's issuance and buyback transactions and get access to the securities lending facility of the central government. The key obligations of the primary dealers are to act as counterparties at auctions of government securities and to support liquidity by quoting prices in the secondary market on an ongoing basis.

For government bonds, Government Debt Management has entered into primary dealer contracts with 8 banks, and for treasury bills, 4 contracts have been concluded. Besides the primary dealers, six banks participate in the market for government securities as market takers.

Primary dealers in Danish government securities

Primary dealers in government bonds​Primary dealers in Treasury bills
BNP ParibasDanske Bank
Danske BankNordea
HSBCNykredit Bank
J.P. MorganSEB
Morgan Stanley
Nykredit Bank